Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Things 2 Year Olds Say

I haven't posted in quite some time, and I still would like to post about our Thanksgiving adventure, but for now, I thought I would post a few of Parker's funny's.

Two nights ago, Kory and I were going to watch The Dark Knight. Parker saw the cover and yelled, "BATMAN!" He then looked at the back of the case and saw the pictures of the Joker and said, "Oh man, that's too scary for me!" Kory and I laughed so hard. He's right though.

The other night, I was singing to Parker before bed as I do every night, and he said, "Ouch, my leg hurts." So I said, "What's wrong?", his response was, "My baby sister did it." I told him that wasn't true because his baby sister is still in my belly and that he shouldn't tell lies. So he turned to me and very seriously said, "Mom, santa is watching you." I think we must have used this line quite a bit lately because he has started saying it, but I wasn't even the one who lied!

I have always loved Christmas and the Holiday Season so much and I want my kids to feel the same. So, I had this plan to watch Polar Express with Parker the day after Thanksgiving and to get the old Rudolph, so that we can watch it all season long. I also started playing Christmas songs very early on in the car and at home. Well, my plan has somewhat backfired. Parker requests to watch 'Express' or Rudolph every day. Every day I hear, "Mom, can I watch Rudolph?" We have watched Rudolph probably 30 times already. I love the show but I am pretty tired of hearing, "Hermie doesn't like to make toys. Hermie doesn't like to make toys!" Also, if we are in the car, we must listen to Christmas songs. He requests it as soon as we get into the car. I can't listen to my morning radio show, it must be Christmas music. Heaven help us!