Monday, June 28, 2010


Well yes, if you haven't heard, we are expecting our third child in late January. We are having another one! LOL! This was a bit of a surprise, but I believe all things happen for a reason. I know my children have all come to us when they were supposed to. So, although I never wanted a December or January baby...January baby, here you come! At least January may not seem so bleak with a new baby. Here's hoping!

We are so excited, but also a bit scared as we have been told by a few friends that the third child changes your world. Two, we have been able to handle with a bit of man on man defense. Three we are out, for all of you with three or more, please, I could use some helpful tips, advice and any help you can offer.

Parker is excited and has told me several times that it's a boy. He says, "I already have a little sister, so now I need a little brother." I guess we shall see.