Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mama Needs Some New Shoes!

Hey y'all!

Check out this blog for fabulous shoes and giveaways! If you love shoes as much as I do, you must become a follower! I know I could use some free shoes as Kory is tired of me spending our grocery money on new shoes. Hmmm, milk and bread or shoes? That's a hard one. LOL!

Check, check, check, check it out!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Preslie is 6 Months Old Today!

Pressers, as we often times call her, or Lady Luck as Kristy calls her, is 6 months old today. I always say it, but time goes too fast.

To pay homage to her on this day, her half birthday, here is a plethora of pictures of our precious Preslie (wow, that is a lot of P’s!), over the last couple months. You will notice that she is a drooly girl. She is getting two teeth on the bottom, and the one is quite sharp and mostly all the way through. So, the drool is a common thing at our house!

I love this picture of her. It definitely pays to have a talented SIL watch my kids everyday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Parker's 3rd Birthday

Parker turned 3 last week. THREE, I know, I can't believe it either!

His birthday began with me waking him up by singing, Happy Birthday to you! He woke up and asked me, "Is it my birthday today, like right now?" I said, "Yes, your birthday is right now!" He then responded to me with a puzzled look, "Well, who started my birthday?" I had to stop a moment and think about this. In his mind, he is wondering why on earth his birthday is going on while he has been asleep. Who on earth started this special day without him knowing? I think it was a relevant question. So, much like a Ringmaster in a circus, or the Grand Marshal at a NASCAR race, I will officially start my kids' birthday's with, "Get Ready, Get Set, And Start Your BIRTHDAY!"Parker has always loved waffles and strawberries, so he started the day with breakfast and then on to a small party at daycare.Parker told me he wanted a Batman party, with Batman party hats and a Spiderman cake. Well, we went with a Batman theme and the best I could do were masks. Most everyone were good sports and wore the masks.
Boston didn't actually seem too thrilled to wear the mask, but he was a team player!

He even got Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Of course he immediately had to put them on and try out the wings. "TO INFINITY AND DE-ON!" (Yes, like Celine Dion, I love it when he says this. It really never gets old and I hear it about 20 times a day!)What a fun day full of food, family and a whole lof of fun. I just love this little boy. He definitely keeps us laughing!