Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just had to share this oh so cute and funny little story.

Last night, Kory took Parker out to Grandpa and Grandma Anderson's because Kory needed to work on his truck and I was not off of work yet. So, Kory took Parker out to the shop and Kory got busy working on his truck. I got off of work and drove out to do some work there too. I arrived at the shop to find grandpa and Kory trying to pry the windshield off of his truck and Parker sitting in a wrecked little Suzuki. I could see that Parker had found some miscellaneous screws and parts and was also pretending to drive.

I looked in and said, "Hi bud." I thought I would get a hi mom, or a hey or something. Parker looked up at me and said in an irritated voice, "I'm workin'!" He acted as if it was a bother that I even had asked him what he was doing. I looked over at Kory and Zed and we all started laughing. I said, "Oh really? Working, huh?" He said, "Yeah," and meanwhile was trying to fit a screw in a small plastic piece and was making grunting noises as if it was one of the hardest things he has ever done.

I was laughing so hard and was quite amazed that at 21 months, he even knew that it was truly work that daddy and grandpa do out in the shop. I didn't even know that he knew the word work. Well, I guess he should but still... I just found it so cute that he joined right in with his dad and grandpa and got to work.

I don't know what I would do without the daily dose of laughs he gives us.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mexico Vacation

Kory and I escaped to Mexico for a week and returned last Sunday. We had such a great time but I began to miss Parker on the plane ride there. It's hard to be away for more than a day from him but I knew that he was in good hands with Grandma Anderson, and I also know that it's good for Kory and I to have a get-away every now and then.

Here are a few pictures from our trip...

Plane trip there (I know, it's not very exciting).

Here is the lovely photo of Kory's chest hair. For some reason he decided to be like Tom Selleck on our pirate ship cruise, so I had to take advantage of the photo opp.

This is a photo of a magnificent church in an old city outside of the Mayan Ruins we were traveling to. I thought the church was beautiful.

This was at Chichen Itza (a Mayan City) and is one of the largest structures in the city. It's so amazing that they were able to construct these stone structures with what little they had to work with.
The beaches are gorgeous--with white sand and azure seas. The sky was quite cloudy this day though, it was pretty rainy this first few days.
Kory and I attempted Salsa dancing and we had so much fun. I would love to take some Salsa classes but I don't know if I can talk Kory into it.

We went snorkeling and after the trip Kory was able to get up on the spinnaker which is like parasailing but the boat isn't moving. It's more like a swing with a parachute.

We had such a good time but we are definitely happy to be home. I was lucky enough to receive a bit of Montezuma's Revenge so I was definitely happy to be home and near a bathroom...not fun, not fun at all.
I know Parker missed me but he definitely was clinging to his daddy when we got home. I was okay with it though, as it was Father's Day. Parker does definitely love his dad and I am so thankful that he has such a wonderful father.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Parker's new Trick

I know it has been awhile since I posted. It is rare that my internet is up and working--so tonight, while things seem to be running smoothly, I thought I would share Parker's new trick.

Parker learned to do a somersault on the 'trampoline' and tried to do the trick on the bed last night. He was jumping on my bed saying, "trampoline, trampoline." Because Grandpa and Grandma Anderson have a trampoline in their backyard, Parker thinks anything that is bouncy is also one. I had to tell him that the bed isn't to be jumped on and told him to try his trick on the ground. Well he did, and he was so proud of himself. He was going around in a circle doing somersaults. He was singing a little diddy, "Round in a seecle, round in a seecle (that is how he says circle). It was so dang cute and he was really quite good at them. Maybe he is going to be a little gymnast...I doubt it, but it is still so fun to see him learn and grow!

Here is a little video of his new trick: