Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wonderful Wedding!

Kory's sister, Chelsi, was married last weekend and what a weekend it was! It was a busy few days... but we had so much fun and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. We are so excited to 'officially' welcome Clint into our family. The festivities began with the rehearsal dinner, which was a dutch oven dinner in honor of Kory's dad, Zed. The kids loved the food.

The next day was the wedding...I was so worried about Parker and Preslie being in the ceremony but my little buddy did such a good job. He and Boston carried their ring pillows like pro's. Preslie was hilarious throwing the flowers but as soon as they were gone, and she realized there were 100 people staring at her, she was not having it. All in all, they were good kids. And, they looked so darn arorable!

I couldn't get any of them both looking...so these are as good as they get.
I love this next picture. To me, this is what a brother is all about. I would imagine Parker saying, "C'mon Sis, let's get outta here. These kids are up to no good!"
The bride with her nephews and niece. The wouldn't really cooperate...really, we are lucky they even all sat there.

Preslie spent most of the reception playing at the screen door with her Great Aunt Charlene. She is getting to be so much fun and has such a cute personality. She is a total girl...she loved having the dress on and definitely loves any type of  'pretty' accessory in her hair. I just love her so much.

And, to end this photo montage, a precious picture of my two kids hugging. Preslie loves her brother so much and tries several time a day to get a hug from him or even a kiss... it's just not very often that he will return the gesture. So, for me, this photo is priceless!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parker's First Day of Preschool

Parker had his first day of Pre-School last week and he was so darn excited to go. He told everyone he saw that he was going to school. I honestly debated about sending him this year as I didn't know how I was going to get him back and forth with me working and other reasons...but as I thought and thought about it, I honestly was causing myself to have anxiety because I felt like I was depriving him. I know, I am so strange. So, I found a place that would work with my work schedule and off to school he went! He is loving it and I know it is the best thing for him. He always seems to gravitate toward older kids and I know he needs that interaction.

I was a little sad to see him go...I cried a little looking at these pictures just because he looks so big. Man, what am I going to do when he really starts school? I will probably chase the school bus down... It's just so hard seeing your kids grow up :(

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parker's 4th Birthday

Parker turned 4 last Thursday. I can hardly believe it. The last four years have absolutely flown by! He started his day with the ever favorable waffles and strawberries. He has had this every year since his first birthday... and then he off to share cupcakes with his friends. I had some work to do while he was gone...

Parker is obsessed with Spiderman. He shows everyone his 'Spideyness' on his chest and shoots webs at strangers. I thought a Superhero party would be perfect for a four year old...and, a special guest was going to appear that Parker didn't know about!

So, on with the party!

Parker invited a few friends over. They were so cute...it was so fun to see all the kids dressed up!Preslie wanted to join in the fun too, so she sported the mask for a bit.

Spiderman read stories, showed the kids how to exercise like a Superhero and even painted their faces. It was so much fun to see the boys interact with him. Preslie on the other hand, she was not too sure about it.

What a fun party...so much work, but so worth it! Spiderman was a success!