Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Holidays

My computer was out of commission for the past month or so; so I am now finally able to post our holiday fun!

First thing's first; the visit to see Santa. As you can see, Preslie was not a fan of the chubby man in the big red suit. And, I am afraid Parker wouldn't even get close enough for me to get a shot of the two of them. He basically yelled across the room to Santa that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear and Santa threw him a candy cane. It was pretty funny!

Next was some family bowling. We had so much fun and hope to make it a tradition every year around the holidays.We tried for a family photo in our Sunday best, but as you can see, we were not very successful...

We had fun making Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve with Aunt Melissa.

Preslie thought that she would be a big help and dump out all of the cookie cutters!
I couldn't flip this picture, but did want to show our lovely cookies and reindeer feed. Parker insisted that the reindeer needed oats AND carrots!
Christmas morning was so much fun. The kids are at such fun ages! Parker got his Buzz from Santa and Preslie got a little stroller for her baby. She is so cute pushing it!

My family came over for breakfast and we had such a fun time. Breakfast was so good too! (I am quite sure that my dad is making some sort of animal sound in this photo. He is known for his rooster sounds that for most kids would be quite frightening. My kids are used to his strange noises!)

We finally ended the day at Grandma Anderson's. These two boys are best friends and are so dang cute together. They both got new blankets from Grandma are were cozied up in them.Preslie wasn't feeling wonderful on New Years Eve so we decided to stay home again this year. I can honestly say that it was the funnest New Years Eve that I have ever had. And let me say, I have had some doozies (ok, not really,but still...). We ate lots, played the Wii, gave fist bumps, the boys showed off their muscles, Preslie slept, and we all laughed. It was so much fun!We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I don't know about you, but I am ready for winter to be over now!