Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October Fun

Last week we tried to get into the fall and Halloween spirit by taking Parker to the pumpkin patch and we also had my sister-in-law and her husband and little boy over for dinner and pumpkin carving. I love this time of year--it's my very favorite. I love the weather and the smells in the air and the brightly colored leaves. I wish it would stay like this through November but alas the snow must come. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and it wouldn't be the same without snow, but I just love the crispness in the air and the October coolness.

Here are a few pictures of our fun. These are mostly for G-ma and G-pa Anderson who are in 100 degree Arizona, missing the fall here in Utah. We miss you both so much and can't wait to see you again!

Of course only my child would be too busy biting his fingernails to look at the camera. I did not get even one good shot. I mean really, what two year old bites their nails!? Oh, he got it. He wasn't picking his nose, mind you, he was biting his nails!I know this picture is sideways, for some reason I couldn't turn it. I thought it was such a cute picture though. It reminds me of feeding a baby animal with a bottle. Parker is feeding the baby giraffe.Boston in his cute Halloween costume. Parker would not wear his costume. He freaked at our ward party when I tried to make him wear the hood that goes to his costume. I do think miracles can happen and that on Halloween he will all of the sudden cooperate and embrace the Frankenstein costume. I can hope right?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Parker's First Camping Trip With Dad

Kory took Parker camping last month for a father son outing. This is what Kory has wanted to do since Parker was born and I will admit, I was somewhat hesitant since he is only two and I wouldn't be there. I had all the worries that any mom would have. Would Parker wander off and find water and Kory wouldn't realize he was missing? Would a bear come and steal my child or eat them or would some other wild animal find them? Would it be too cold and Parker would freeze? Ok, maybe I am obsessive, but I have to think of all the possibilities of danger. Well, they returned safe and sound and had such a good time together. They fished and cannoed and went hiking and played a little football. I know that this is the first of many camp outings they will have together and I am so thankful that they made it back safely. Ikind of enjoyed the quiet weekend home alone but did miss my boys.

Here are a few photos of their outing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tagged by Holly

This is what you do.....You go to your pictures area on your computer and pick the 4th folder and 4th picture and then explain it!


I got lucky with this picture, it has actually been on my blog before. This was last Christmas 07 at Grandpa and Grandma Anderson's. It would have been a good picture if we could have gotten Parker to look at the camera.

I tag Melissa, Heidi and Kristy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spouse Tag

I was tagged by Heidi, so I think I will play along.

1. Where did we meet? Oh my, well, the first time we met was at The Lamplight and then we met again after that through mutual friends (can you meet someone again after meeting them? I think you can).
2. How long did we date before we married? Almost two years.
3. How long have we been married? We have been married for a year and almost 5 months.
4. He surprises me by....planning surprises, even sometimes romantic ones, for my birthday or our anniversary. My favorite was for my 25th birthday when he made a book and drew pictures to tell me what the gift was. He took me to Park City overnight and we went shopping and to dinner and we stayed in this cozy little hotel on Main Street. It was such good birthday!
5. My favorite feature of him is...his eyes and his hands. I love that he has manly hands that show his hard work.
6. His nicknames for me are... Gardner and mom.
7. His favorite food... Sushi and any kind of meat. He is definitely a carnivore.
8. His favorite sport .... Oh my, please don't get me started. I think my dear husband likes and watches every sport that is actually considered a sport. I wouldn't say I am the biggest supporter of watching 10 football games a day, but I deal with it. Kory loves to play golf the most I think though.
9. Where was our first kiss? It was camping by the campfire (eww la la).
10. Our favorite thing to do? We love to just sit on the couch and pop popcorn and watch a movie together or go out to dinner.
11. Any children? Yes one little boy and another on the way.
12. Any hidden talents? He is the master at Trivial Pursuit, you really can't win with him. He knows all the answers. I think he studies the cards though. He also is a really good cook. Just in case you may have not had his cooking.
13. How old is he? Just turned 30. He is so old! LOL!
14. Who said I love you first? He did. It was pretty early into our relationship, so I was quite shocked.
15. Favorite type of music? Kory is a music connoisseur. He likes everything from the Beatles and Led Zeplin to Jack Johnson and Madonna. He isn't really a country fan though, but he does listen to it for my sake sometimes.
16. I admire him most for....his drive and determination. Once he sets his mind to something he gets it done and finishes it. He is such a hard worker, I don't think I have ever known anyone who works as hard as he does.
17. Do I think he'll read this? Maybe. If I tell him there is a little something about him.

I tag everyone who reads this!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parker's 2nd Birthday

I know, I am quite late in posting this, but it is really hard to keep up with this whole blogging thing. Anyway, Parker turned two last month and we celebrated with a party in our not fully unpacked house and we took a trip to the zoo.

Parker got his new batman bike but he can't quite reach the pedals.

Licking the goods...

The finished product. I know, the frosting is a bit scary, it's all I had!

The zoo

We had a bit of an accident before the party. He ran into his bed post. Man, the goose egg appeared within seconds!

Boston wanted in on the action too.

Opening Aunt Melissa's package.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty good birthday. Minus the minor growth on Parker's head!