Monday, August 25, 2008

Parker is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

Yes, we are expecting--my due date is around March 22, 2009. We are so excited to welcome a new little baby into our family and we know that Parker will be a very good big brother. He doesn't quite know what to think when we tell him that mommy has a baby in her tummy, but I think by the time my belly is round like a watermelon, he will know what is going on.
I made Parker a shirt to wear to announce the news to our family's. We had Parker wear the shirt upstairs to show my mom. Although, my mom was a bit suspicious a few weeks prior. Then we had Parker wear the shirt on our trip to Bear Lake with Kory's family. It was so funny because Brady read the shirt out loud as soon as Parker stepped out of the trailer, "I am gonna be a big brother," and everyone was like, "What? What did you say?" Maybe they thought that Brady meant that he was going to be a big brother...oh my.

Here are a few pictures of Parker in the shirt...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Adventures

We have had a very busy summer, and since I am so bad with posting as things happen, I thought I would post a little of each adventure here.

Parker's first Lagoon trip. He wasn't so sure about the whole idea at first, but he warmed up to the place and loved the rides by the end of it.

Watching fireworks with Grandma and Grandpa A.
Cherry Hill outing.Park trip--he always has a ball in his hands!
Night at the rodeo. Parker was more interested in climbing on daddy then actually watching the rodeo. On occasion, he would yell, "Go cow," though. The people around us got a kick out of that.

Naked swimming at Grandma Anderson's. I mean really, who doesn't love naked swimming?

Annual Anderson Family Bear Lake trip.

And finally, Parker trying to be just like his Uncle Erich (Erich always wears a bandana to help keep his beautiful hair perfectly styled. You think I am kidding...I wish I was.)

Daily Dose of Parkerism's

I completely realize that every mom thinks that their child is the cutest and funniest child on earth...and I must admit, I am no exception. Besides, isn't this what this whole blogging thing is all about? We are really just showing off our cute kids and the fun stuff they do... we don't really want to blog about the naughty stuff or the family arguments or anything like that. Oh wait, none of us ever have arguments, right?

So, this leads me to my Daily Dose of Parkerism's...
Last night, Kory was reading Parker one of his favorite story's Goodnight Moon. For those that don't know the story, it is all about saying goodnight to everything in this great green room. Kory was a reading through the story and said, "there were three little kittens and a pair of mittens and three little bears sitting on chairs." Parker then stopped Kory and said with a serious look, while nodding his head yes, "They were in time out?"
Parker sits in a chair when he has to sit in time out (Yes, we put our child in time out. Sometimes even more than once a day.), and since the three bears where sitting on chairs, he figured they were sitting in time out too. I mean really, why else would anyone sit in a chair?!
Oh my goodness, it was hilarious.
Parker will be two in a few weeks, and yes, the terrible two's have already begun, but I just love this age. He is so funny~!