Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forgot to add this picture!

I totally forgot to add this picture, but it is too cute not to share. After I put the tutu on Preslie, she immediately began to twirl around. I guess it's just innate for a girl... Tutu means twirling! Kristy started snapping as she was may just look like she was running around, but she was actually turning in circles. Too funny.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Preslie

What a fun, busy and crazy year this has been. I can't believe my little baby girl is already one! I won't say she hasn't been a challenge, that would be a lie; but oh my do I ever love her! What fun it is to have a sweet baby girl to dress up, dote on and kiss! She is ever such a little diva and does like things her way...but I wouldn't trade her for the world! Parker loves her so much and my very favorite thing to hear him say to her is, "You look pretty Pres," I just love to hear him talk to her.

Sis is quite the daddy's girl, and yes, she does have him wrapped around her tiny finger. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be though?

Happy Birthday to our baby girl...

Kristy came over and took pictures of Preslie in her room for her 1 year old photos. I think they turned our pretty fabulous, although I never thought I would be the total PINK mom... and that's exactly what I am... AHHH! I did have a purple outfit for her to wear, but she was entirely too worn out by the time we were ready for the next background. I guess another, who knew models were so fussy?! We hope to try some outside, once the flowers are bloomed and the grass is greener. I can't wait!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bring On Spring!

I can feel it... I can feel myself being lifted from my funk. It's amazing what just a little bit of sunshine can do for your spirit.... mind you, it's still only 40 degrees, but the snow has melted and the sun has been showing itself every so often. I've finally realized that I have been in a funk for the last few months. I don't know if you would call it depression, or just a funk. Probably a bit of both. I do usually get sicker in the winter, and this winter has been no exception. So, that doesn't help the funky situation any. And I seem to get very discouraged every winter. But, I have been feeling better the last few weeks and that is such a blessing!

I do know that a little bit of sunshine makes my insides happy though, and it's nice to feel some inner happiness. I realize that I have only been going through the motions the last few months... everyday, I do as little as possible to get by and I am still running on empty. I feel I am spread so thinly among all of my callings in life, and I give only 50% to each. I know most mothers and women feel this way, but today I am admitting it. I am getting by though, and taking care of the things that must be done, and I guess that is what counts.

The winter is so cold and dreary though. January is grey and cold, and then there is February; still cold, but a bit less dreary. I am ready for the new beginnings of spring. Come on March.. bring on the tulips; bring on April; bring on Easter; bring on the bright colors; bring on the green grass; bring on the outdoors!

I am ready to be whole again! Bring it on!