Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Need To Stop Yelling!

Oh my goodness, I have not posted on this blog in FOREVER! I have wanted to start up a Mommy Blog to document my life's craziness, my 4th pregnancy, and my auto-immune disease, but it just hasn't happened. I do, however, feel like this article I read a few days ago is totally blog worthy, so I thought I would share.

I have found, especially since being pregnant with my 4th child, that I have a very short fuse. I have no patience and I find myself yelling at my three little people more than I actually talk to them. I go to bed feeling so sad and wiped out and want things to change, but then find myself repeating the same pattern the next day. I read this article and then followed the link to the steps to help you change and I really think this will be what could help me. I feel that every parent who struggles with a short-fuse, must read this article:  10 Things I learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids

My goal is to refrain from yelling for at least 30 days. Just this morning, while trying to get all the kids out the door so I could get to work, I found Preslie sitting and staring instead of doing what I had asked her to do. I asked her again to finish getting dressed and she just continued to sit. So, then my voice rose. And, because I have asked my kids to help me be accountable for my yelling, Preslie shrieked back at me, "YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO STOP YELLING!" Ahh, yes she was right. Maybe she was trying to test me, who knows? But, I still have much work to do. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

Definitely a must read!

And gosh, they are so cute, how could I yell at them!?