Saturday, March 21, 2009

She's Here!

Our little girl, Preslie Deziree Anderson, joined our family on March 17th, 2009 at 3:24 pm. Her middle name, Deziree, came about because we wanted to use Zed somehow, but it's hard to come up with a girl name with Zed. Lannis didn't like Zeddy much. So, Dez is Zed backwards. We went with the full name Deziree for a more feminie name (long story, I know). Dez actually fits her anyway. She weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She was born with so much dark brown hair on the back of her head but she is missing the hair on top. We think Grandpa Anderson sent her to us with his haircut so we could have a laugh. Her hair is so fun though. It's crazy that a dark brown haired baby came from me! Kory said if he wouldn't have seen it with his own eyes, that he wouldn't believe that I gave birth to her. I am just so light and fair--Kory of course has the dark hair, so that's where she gets it from.

Labor began quite slowly and I was getting somewhat discouraged. The day was flying by and I was worried I wasn't going to have her till the next day. Well, an hour passed and I dilated from a 3 to a 10 and it was time to have her. 4 pushes later, and there she was (too much info.? I am sorry).
We all love her so much and are so thankful to have her here. Parker loves being a big brother. He asked me to hold and feed him like I was feeding her (he sometimes forgets her name and has to ask us). I told him that only baby's eat this way and he seemed ok with it. He thinks it's weird that she eats this way anyway. What a transition from 1 child to 2. It's hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here she is...

Monday, March 9, 2009


I thought I would post a little about what's been going on at our house... The last month or so has been hard, but we are trying to make things as normal as possible.

I am still pregnant. Not that I shouldn't be, I know I have a few weeks left, but I am feeling like quite the whale. For anyone who said I was looking small before, I have definitely caught up on the weight gain. I am so dang uncomfortable. I should be trying to get some exercise but I can barely walk from my bedroom to the kitchen without being in pain. I just have so much pressure. I feel like I need to lift my belly when I walk. So, instead of getting my exercise, I am vigilantly eating my oreos, ice cream or whatever else I feel like having, in bed everynight. Mind you, I am able to make it to the refrigerator every night. Come on, I feel like I deserve it. In reality, I complain about my large behind and then 10 minutes later I am dishing me up some ice cream. What a shame, what a shame.


We set my induction date for March 17th. We have to take the baby early because of the medication I am on and my doctor only gave me two days to choose from. So, only one more week to go. I guess St. Patrick's Day could be a fun birthday, right? I hope she won't be upset that we chose this day. Who knows, maybe she will decide to come even earlier. It's so strange to pick the day anyway. It doesn't feel right. Things are still looking good though and we are just praying for a healthy baby.

Parker is finally starting to show that he is excited about this baby. Everyday he kisses my belly and says in the funniest baby voice, "Hi baby sister." He has picked up that adults talk to baby's and pets this way. He talks to grandma's dog this way too. Yesterday he put a chip on my belly and said, "That's for baby sister." I told him she couldn't eat it, so I did and he was not happy with me. I can just imagine him trying to feed her Doritos when she is a week old. Oh dear.

I am finding that I am feeling more nervous and apprehensive about this baby. I guess it's because I know what is going to take place during delivery and the weeks to follow. I am nervous about how we will do with two kids and am scared that Parker will feel like we don't love him as much. I know it's ridiculous, but I just have so many worries. I do know that things will be fine, I just know that life is about to really change!

My talented sister-in-law took some maternity photos of me and Mr. Parker last night. I think she did a fabulous job. She did get some of Parker kissing my belly but I don't have them yet. I will have to post them later. Hopefully she won't get too mad at me for posting these on my blog. Her blog is Look at my big, round belly!
I love this picture of Parker. This fits his personality perfectly. It's totally a face he always makes!