Thursday, July 16, 2009

Independence Day

This year was honestly one of the best, if not the best, 4th of July that I can remember. I have always loved the 4th. I love parades and the warm weather and I absolutely love fireworks. But this year was different. This year I had a little boy who knew what was going on and who loved every minute of the day.

We started off the day with the Riverdale parade with Kory's family. This was Parker's first parade-- the day before I showed him how to march and wave his flag (I know, I am a giant nerd). He was so cute though. He held and waved his flag pretty much the whole time. Well, other than when he was diving for candy. As I was sitting and watching all the kids, I became emotional. I love seeing things through a child's eyes. I also became tearful as the jets flew over in the morning. How lucky we are to have the freedoms we have and to be able to celebrate with parades, carnivals and fireworks. We are truly blessed.

Next we headed over to the carnival to eat and ride rides. In the next picture you will see that Kory and his BIL are basically wearing the same outfit. I don't think either of them were particularly happy about it. What can I say? Their wives have good taste!
After the carnival we headed home. Our neighborhood rented some big bounce houses and slides. We blocked off a street near our home and had a neighborhood BBQ and party. Parker absolutely loved it and it was fun getting to know all of our neighbors better.We had to talk my friend's little girl into going through the big obstacle course. She was not too keen on the idea. Finally we got her in but Kory had to carry her each time. What a good husband I have!
I think Kory gets a little annoyed with me when it comes to fireworks. I try to go and see as many fireworks shows as possible during the summer but... Parker is usually too busy doing something else to watch and Preslie is not quite interested yet. So, this year I was a good sport and we stayed in our neighborhood for fireworks. This is the only picture I took.
On a completely different subject...a few weeks ago, Miss P. found her feet. I love to watch her play with them and try to get them in hour mouth. She is going to be 4 months tomorrow and is getting such a cute personality!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Last Few Months

I am really bad at posting as things are happening, so here is a brief recap of the last few months.

Preslie and Kory lounging on the couch. I think they both fell aleep quite early that night.
While my SIL Melissa was in town, her, my other SIL Kristy and I had a little craft day. It was really fun. They made the cute gum ball machines and I did the wood 'P' and sign. They made fun of me for the saying because it doesn't make sense for Parker but it makes sense in my mind! Hey, leave me alone!
The next project is sewing. Kristy has gotten a head start so I am going to need to get caught up.

This is how Parker spends most of his time if Preslie is awake. He loves to be right next to her!

A few pictures of Preslie over the last few months. She is getting so big!
This isn't a great picture of her, but she does love to sit in her Bumbo. She is definitely an active little baby. She loves to sit up and look around. I think she is afraid she is going to miss something.

Kory and I celebrated our anniversary in Park City this year. Sadly we didn't know that Park City basically shuts down in May. Silly us for not knowing this. We still had a fun time though.Uncle Roice came down for Brady's graduation and planted the garden at Kory's moms. He had some pretty good help. Parker and his cute little cousin Boston got right in there and wanted to know exactly what he was doing and how he was doing it. I think Parker may have dug up more seeds than he planted but they had fun.

Here are the boys after the garden party. They have so much fun together.

Here are some pictures of Miss P. at 3 months. She is such a sweet baby.

Kory's brother Brady's graduation.
Aunt Melissa came and stayed over one night while she was visiting and made cookies with Parker the next day. Of course he loves to make cookies with her, she lets him eat as much dough as he wants. I can't wait for Melissa to have kids!

Finally, Preslie had her first 'Girl's Day Out'. Lannis, Melissa and I spent the day shopping at The Gateway and then Chelsi, my youngest SIL, met up with us to have dinner at the Melting Pot. It was so, so yummy. Definitely not something you should do on a regular basis but so worth the extra caloric intake. I could just drink the chocolate!