Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembering Zed

Out of our sight, he lingers in our hearts. Out of our reach, we hold him in our dreams.
For he is gone. Yet we search for him. In every rainbow, in every song,
in all of heavens moonbeams;
Yet we must go on...
Keeping the memory of his quiet assurance, his gentle smile, his loving ways.
To hold on to this much of him, for the rest of our earthly days.
For now we will live our lives, and tend to our sheep.
One day finished, one less we must keep.
Our quest? To press onward, with one purpose in mind;
To regain the presence of this man who left us behind.
God in thy mercy, help us to be strong;
Stay by our side as we carry on.
May we never forget what he taught us each day;
And always remember our Father, an angel who passed by our way.

This poem was origally written by my mom and later arranged by me. My intent was to have the poem printed and framed for Kory, his siblings and mom, and to give it to them today. My intentions were good, but life comes and goes and this day is here. I will still follow through... but I did want to pay tribute to my father in law today, on the first anniversary of his passing. The world lost a wonderful man on this day. We will forever miss and love him.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our little walker

Preslie started taking a step here and there on New Years Day and is now getting from here to there by walking. She has gotten really fast. She seems so little to be walking and it's so cute to see. She has been going, going, since she was born. She started crawling a little before she was 6 months, so it was bound to be that she would walk early. I was just not ready to have her getting into everything already! She is a little wrecking ball --but she is so much fun! Here she is walking, missing sock and all!