Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday there was a little incident at daycare...

I went to pick up Parker and Preslie and our babysitter told me at the door that there had been a little accident but Preslie was ok. She told me this while she was handing me Miss P. and I could see that she was fine, so I was not too worried. Anyway, she goes on to tell me that she had put Preslie in the swing and saw that she was slowly drifting off to sleep so our babysitter walked away and went into the kitchen. The next thing she hears is Preslie screaming. She ran back into the room and there was Parker standing over her. He had taken her out of the swing and dropped her. Preslie was lying there on her back crying. She checked her to make sure she was OK--checked her eyes and her head and she seemed fine. Anyway, so she told me this all while Parker was also standing at the door by me. He was looking at me waiting for a reaction but I remained calm. I don't know how many times I have had to tell him to stay away from her swing or to stop pulling her arms and legs and so on. It's like the teasing brother thing is innate and he already knows what and how to do it.

So, I got them both buckled into the car and proceeded to drive. I then looked back at Parker and told him that I was very, very upset with him. Now get this...
He says in a very quiet voice, "Are you goin' to kick my ask?" I definitely did not think I heard him correctly so I turned and said, "What did you say?" He then repeats it in an even softer voice, "Are you goin' to kick my ask?" Really, did this just come out of my two year old's mouth? I immediately told him that he should never say that word-even if he was just saying ask. He honestly would not have learned this in our house nor have we ever actually kicked his 'ask'. I won't lie though, I have sworn a time or two but this statement would have never come out of mine or Kory's mouths.

I really tried not to laugh because I was very upset with him but to see this little guy and to hear him say this in the right context was just too much! He then asked me if booty was a bad word and I told him no. He can say booty.

Now, some may not think this is funny and may think I am a horrible mom, that's fine. But, this is definitely something I am going to remember and write in his baby book.

Preslie on the other hand, poor girl. She is doing fine. She is quickly, at 3 months old, learning survival skills...hopefully she will make it through her first year of life severely unharmed by this crazy brother of her's.